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Individual Animal Pedigree

Currently we run a TSi2 Gallagher APS system with all our stock life data.

We are yet to upgrade our AgriWebb plan to enable us to link this data. In the future we would like to be able to use a system similar to stock book but on the AgriWebb platform with our mobs visually in paddocks.

We would like to be able to search an animal and get its life data as we are in the paddock looking at it like stock book.

Yet we would also like once animals are sold or become deceased there data is moved to another file therefore not to congest the file of current animals.

We would also like to like photos or videos to individual animals incase management tags or NLIS tags are lost.

  • Sophie Tongue
  • Apr 23 2020
  • In progress
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    Stacey Hogan commented
    14 May, 2020 12:56am

    Hi Sophie, we have been working on features that allow you to manage your individual animal records and data through AgriWebb. We have been testing in the UK over the last 6 months and are about to launch early access to these features in Australia. The AgriWebb team looking after the early access group will reach out to you later this month and you can join the program if you would like.