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In cost of production reports show individual costs

Show costs per head as well as mob cost. Also break down feed costs by type of feed

  • Stephen Abberley
  • Mar 15 2020
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  • Stephen Abberley commented
    26 Mar 18:34

    Hi again. I’ve found the cost per head and kg at top of page. Is it an average for the entire flock? I’m wanting to see individual costings in mob. For example I have different breeds , pedigree and commercial in different mobs. I need to know how much each sheep/breed is costing. It gives cost per mob but not the individual in that mob

  • Stephen Abberley commented
    26 Mar 08:26

    Also yes if we could view a cost for each event £/head. Is there a way to view the feeds given individually? I could only view all feeds given as one total cost. Is there a way to view how much each feed ( bales, ewe nuts, fodder beet) has cost?

  • Stephen Abberley commented
    26 Mar 08:20

    Apologies. I didn’t realise there was a section where the costs could be broken down in that way. I will have a look tonight. Thanks for reply

  • Admin
    David O'Brien commented
    26 Mar 01:18

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your suggestion. Would you be able to provide a bit more insight into how this could look in the report? There is currently a section at the top of the report that gives you a breakdown of cost/kg and cost/hd. Are you referring to extra columns in the report for each event in $/hd? Cheers