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Whole farm pasture/grass budget

After attending the Agriwebb afternoon in Orange recently, we had a discussion in the advanced break out session on getting the most out of the app. One idea raised was the use of a whole farm pasture budget. The FOO is great on a paddock basis and overlaying this with paddock DSE to provide expected days grazing. If we can apply this principle to the whole farm, whereby we can assess available pasture/grass across the farm and paddocks as FOO and capture this in a report against current whole farm DSE, then we can get the number of available days grazing across the farm. This would be a great feature in determining when days of available FOO reaches a point then we might look to lighten stocking rates due to deteriorating seasonal conditions. Conversely, if the season is good and we have excess FOO, we might look to take on additional trade lambs etc. 

This information can be displayed in a report style to get number of days of FOO available. Over time, we can then overlay years or seasons. All of this has the aim to more effectively match stocking rate with available FOO. After discussing this with other producers, all have shared my thoughts and think this would be a valuable inclusion. 

Thanks in advance 

  • Isaac Allen
  • Dec 10 2019
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