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Killed for rations option in death record

Have an option to categorise a death record as 'Killed for Rations' so that this can carry through automatically to the livestock schedule. Currently there is a row in the Livestock Schedule for Killed for Rations, but no way to record this.

  • Jack Yeomans
  • Aug 12 2019
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  • Admin
    David O'Brien commented
    17 Jan, 2020 01:17am

    Great question Scott. We're working on a functionality for agistment and we'll notify you when this is released. If you'd like to catch up on an alternate way to track this for now feel free to get in touch with the Farm Success team through the in-app chat. Cheers, David

  • Scott Clarke commented
    14 Jan, 2020 10:04am

    How about agistment stock
    We have stock coming & going
    Agistment stock are upsetting our average sale price when we put $0 in for agistment stock leaving

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  • Admin
    David O'Brien commented
    14 Jan, 2020 03:29am

    We've now included the functionality where if the word 'ration' is included in the reason for death in the record, it will transfer through to the 'Killed for ration' field in the livestock schedule. Any questions feel free to reach out to the Farm Success team. Cheers, David