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Grass Wedge Report

Grass Wedge is very common tool UK farmers use to plan grazing rotations. Following is an example of a Grass Wedge report.

Y-axis is the kg of dry matter per hectare, x-axis is the list of arrays. Width of each column is proportional to their area.

Blue line is an arbitrary line given by the farmer
- starting point of the line is the amount of FOO they want the grass to go up to before the are grazed
- end point of the line is the minimum amount of FOO they want after grazing

According Gareth there is nothing more important than this for grazing farmers

UK beef and sheep farmers take plate meter readings fortnightly
Dairy farmers take readings weekly

Some farmers have tried satellite imagery, but found it very inaccurate due to UK always being overcast

  • Kogulan Baskaran
  • Jul 31 2019
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