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Allow for mutliple mob selection when entering scanning results

Allow more than 1 mob to be selected that are running in the same paddock to utilise the whole scanning result. Currently mobs need to merge to bulk scan. Being able to select each mob and add the scanning result for those all running together would allow for all records to stay with the mobs and not have to merge if mobs are boxed.

Option for total and per mob is needed here. This could work similar to the multi sale record where there is an option to record scanning results as a 'total' across all the mobs selected or as individual mobs. Some producers will know the breakdown of numbers mob by mob but others will just have a combined tally of singles twins etc.

  • Lloyd Feltham
  • Jul 24 2019
  • Planned
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    Phil Chan commented
    1 Aug, 2019 12:34am

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for submitting your idea.

    We want to allow you to apply all records to multiple mobs, so we'll be adding multi-mob selection to scanning records. In addition, we think there's a group of records that belong at a higher level and will be making more use of the management groups from the operational planner to achieve this. Mobs and individual animals will be able to be linked to a management group and records applied to that management group, which will apply to all animals in that management group at that point in time.

    In this case, you would have a management group for breeding ewes and apply the scanning results at that level, which would apply to all maternal mobs linked to it. You could have multiple breeding ewe management groups to match how you're managing the flock and also apply the record at the mob level if you want, but we think this will be an easier way to keep track of what's happening across your enterprises.

    Another aspect of preg that we will be improving is to add a property to the mob which is the preg status of the animals in that mob, in addition to the current record of the vet scanning them. This will allow you to record the vet's visit at the management group level and then, if you're drafting based on preg status, to keep track of where you singles, empties and twins actually are as mobs.

    These improvements will be phased in over time and we're currently working on the backend pieces to support management groups and bring them out of the operational planner.