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Seeding and Fertiliser Workflow

Like we have the workflow for Marking then Treating, create one for Seeding then Fertilising. As in majority of cases this would be happening. Which would then cut down the extra clicks to create two separate records individually.

  • Caleb Love
  • Jul 8 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Tom Gunthorpe commented
    21 Apr, 2020 11:10pm

    Hi David,

    While I didn't attend the Virtual Field Day live, I did review it later
    and will go through the videos in full when I have time. Congratulations
    - I think it was a great success.

    I'd like to ask John if I may used the slide where he depicted the EID
    Integration companies in a Pitch Deck that I need finish this Friday. I
    don't have John's email if you could forward this message please.

    Also would it be possible to obtain the CSV templates for each of the
    Imports so we can build that out in the Agriscan system.

    I'm sharing this link under the NDA I have with Agriwebb under RFIT.

    This is our development/test site. It's not a production system and is
    constantly being messed with - so please take it with a pinch of salt.
    The point is to show you where we are going with it. To be clear,
    Agriscan 'lives on the edge' - so integrating with the Agriwebb platform
    is exactly where we want to be.

    Most of you will be aware that the Australian legislation is keeping the
    UHF system on bricks here, however I have a gig in India that has
    significant potential. While you may not wish to explore India at this
    time, I'd like to pair the two during our trials and demonstrations. Is
    there anything stopping us creating a new farm in India ?

    best regards
    Tom Gunthorpe

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