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Create all records from the Web App

Record keeping is carried out in the mobile app at the moment. Bring the ability to create records into the web portal as well.
  • Phil Chan
  • Jun 18 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Megan O'Keefe commented
    24 Jul, 2020 06:45am

    Hi, Setting up Agriwebb and entering data, I do this from home, where I do most items. The ability to be able to edit/move/see further details etc, would make life incredibly easier. It really doesn't make any sense that you cannot do on the webb what you can do on the app. I agree with Angela - Would we be able to see this pushed forward quickly. I would think that all functionality should be available on both Web and Mobile App.

  • Justin Kennedy commented
    16 Jul, 2020 02:19am

    In the meantime PC users can download and install BlueStacks which is a simulated android device and install Agriwebb to use the mobile app on PC. It works quite well in conjunction with the web portal but it would be easier have them integrated. The mobile app is quite a bit more intuitive but you need the portal for some aspects.

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  • Admin
    Stacey Hogan commented
    16 Jul, 2020 12:58am

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for providing your feedback. We have been working hard on the support for this in the background and now allow all individual animal records to be updated on both the web app and mobile app. The individual animal program which launched in the UK last year and is currently being testing is Australia has laid the foundation for us to support all mob records to be created on the web app.

    We have already made an update so you can create a sale record and edit a purchase record in the web app which is available now and all other records will be added to the web app over time.

    Thanks again for all your feedback and we will keep you updated as this feature progresses.


  • Angela v commented
    2 May, 2020 05:20am

    Hi, this would make life incredibly easier. Especially when you are setting up Agriwebb with history on paddocks, and treatments. Would we be able to see this pushed forward quickly. I would think that all functionality should be available on both Web and Mobile App.

  • Caroline Stobo-Wilson commented
    24 Apr, 2020 12:36am

    As administration officer I do the majority of Sales, Purchases and other admin for AgriWebb, it would be so much faster and much more efficient to be able to do it on the Webb app.

  • Jack Walker commented
    16 Apr, 2020 10:31am

    This is essential. The mobile app is great for making updates on the go in a paddock when there's reception but bulk edits using a Web app would be much quicker and more efficient

  • Paul Martin commented
    8 Aug, 2019 07:34am

    Most of our country has no mobile network coverage. It would be very beneficial if I could do my updates on my computer each night when I get home and allow all the staff to update their apps once completed. 

  • Ben Heinrich commented
    30 Jul, 2019 12:38am

    This would be a great addition, as we currently only use the iPhone 

  • John Sanderson commented
    29 Jul, 2019 01:57pm

    I'd love to be able to do this. I find myself sitting in front of my computer some times putting records in on my tablet. Would be much easier on my computer.