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Bulk update of crop type in paddock

Users with many paddocks at sowing time will need to update the crop type of their paddocks. Can be tedious to go into every paddock and edit the details.

  • David O'Brien
  • Apr 4 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Murray McFarlane commented
    13 May, 2020 10:36am

    You need to change the Grazing status of a paddock to crop when the crop is sown, and this should be done by the program when the crop is entered into the system . One scenario that does not fit in with this is a crop sown for grazing.

  • Admin
    David O'Brien commented
    27 Apr, 2020 12:02am

    Thanks Jonnie. Just to clarify, crop type for the paddock is updated when a sowing record is created. As you can add multiple paddocks to a sowing record, you won't need to worry about bulk updating.

  • Jonnie White commented
    24 Apr, 2020 03:22am

    Hi David - this would be OK, but nowhere near as useful as updating automatically with a Sowing operation. I'm all about reducing clicks and keystrokes and 'double-handling' to encourage my crew to regularly enter data. If its not easy and intuitive they won't do it.

  • Admin
    David O'Brien commented
    23 Apr, 2020 05:05am

    Hi Jonnie, great thinking! This is a feature within the app already which sounds like will be handy for you. The thinking with the idea above is to have the option to bulk update paddock information from the paddock list in the web app. Does this sound like it would be useful? Cheers, David

  • Jonnie White commented
    23 Apr, 2020 02:42am

    Crop type should be updated automatically when a sowing operation occurs. Eg. if sowing operation is with 'Millet', then crop type changes to 'Millet'.