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Assign bale numbers to mobs in the shearing record

Ability to assign a group of wool bales to a particular mob during shearing.


  • Shear 1000 yellow tag ewes

  • get 50 bales and add that into our existing total bales field

  • next stage would be to assign bale numbers 1-50 to the yellow tag mob

  • next mob would come through of red tag ewes and you'd get 30 bales.

  • you'd assign to these red tags bales 50-80 and so on for the next mob.

As we would see it on the app:

Mob: Yellow tag ewes

Number of bales: 50

Bail numbers assigned to this mob: 1-50

Underneath this: Show quality testing fields - where you can include:

  • micron info

Next mob

Mob: red tag ewes

Number of bales: 30

Bale numbers assigned to this mob: 51-80

Quality testing fields:

If for example the yellow tag ewes had some differences in quality, you'd be able to assign bales 1-30 with one set of quality values and then bales 31-50 to the same mob of different quality.

This information would allow the user to track which bales of wool are associated with which mob and the quality of them. Jack spoke about how this is information they record already so it would make sense to him to have it in the app as well. You'd want to view this in the shearing report as well.

Everyone shears at different times however Jack said their next big shearing time is in October- heads up for when this could be delivered to be effective.

  • David O'Brien
  • Apr 3 2019
  • Future consideration
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