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Harvest Record - 'add multiple load' feature

During harvest you'd have 100 tonne yield for a paddock that would be split across different truck loads, say 25 tonne capacity each, 4x loads= 100 tonne total yield.

Two ideas on how to apply this:

Similar to the process of adding multiple paddocks to a spray record, could we have the ability to add a 'load' or 'truck' (in place of paddock) within a harvest record to allow for the accumulation of harvest loads for each paddock.

The information you'd potentially want to have pre-filled (similar to a treatment item) is the truck rego number and its capacity. From here you could add this to the harvest record as it goes out.


Using a similar idea to the recount method where you can add in the weight of each load as they go out and then hit a 'finish' button to then complete the rest of the harvest information.

  • David O'Brien
  • Mar 13 2019
  • Future consideration
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