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Feed management

The ability to be able to view our entire farms current & budgeted feed status, including being able to see that as an average feed/ha. We would also like the ability to set warnings for when we are getting low on food. With the additional Pasture States being added this would be an excellent tool for forecasting & feed budgeting.
Set feed values for each Pasture State category, so we can estimate our total farms capabilities for the coming year (at least). These feed values must be adjustable by us, so we can best reflect our farms value for Pasture State, not industry values set by say yourselves #Shevonne Carling
Pasture State – we would like additional categories eg, Irrigated pastures, Semi Improved, Improved, Native, Light Bush, Bush, roads, dams, quarries, buildings etc. We would also like to be able to have multiple categories for each paddock with the ability to put a percentage against each category. For example I might have a paddock which is 60% Irrigated, 30% semi improved, 10% dam, .5% road, .5% light bush #Shevonne Carling
  • Josh Collins
  • Sep 18 2018
  • Future consideration
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