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Change the warning of depleted medicine treatment during a live session.


  1. Scan an eID.

  2. Animal would come up and a warning would pop up saying the bottle was depleted

  3. If you select change bottle, it leaves some in the bottle. If I choose ignore, it will use the next dose


  • When I scan the next animal (after ignoring) I have to remember which one I ignored so I can change bottles before I scan the next animal

  • I had to do the ignore at one point to use the entire bottle, but forgot to change bottles.


  • If there is enough in the bottle to do the process, no warning. If there is 1ml or 0ml left for a 2ml dose, pop up the warning each time

  • If I hit ignore it should only ignore for one animal , don't continue ignoring for the rest of the session

  • Jason Bradley
  • Aug 3 2020
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