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Visual “layers” on farm map

It would be great to be able to quickly bring up a map of last years crops/ colours, and then change the “layer” to this years crops. At the moment , as far as I am aware, once I change this years cropping paddocks I lose the ability to quickly look back at my rotations on the farm as a whole without opening each individual paddock. If we could create “layers”, it would allow us to look back at previous years easy, and also allow us to plan future uses of paddocks through a future “layer”

As examples Other “layers” could be

-2019 limes paddocks

-2019 cropping

-2019 Potash spreading

  • Simon Kerin
  • Jun 28 2020
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  • Leah Lane commented
    13 Jul 12:21am

    Layers would also be useful for future planning - for example, planning out fencelines, tree lanes, etc as a separate layer which does not affect the main map and can be moved around and played with as the planning happens and is modified over time.